Precidian Investments Press Release

Next Investments is pleased to announce our new name: Precidian Investments.  This change is part of a larger rebranding effort to emphasize our commitment to the ETF and Fund Management markets.  “We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and sponsor unique, investor-friendly financial products, and felt the need to create a name and associated brand thatset us apart,” says Chief Executive Daniel J. McCabe.

Precidian Investments is a pioneer in the creation of innovative financial products, specializing in exchange-traded products/funds (ETP/ETF) and mutual fund development, and associated trading and pricing technologies.  Principals of Precidian Investments provided the intellectual capital and execution in the development of the ground-breaking gold ETP: SPDR Gold Shares (GLD: NYSE Arca), the first commodity-backed ETP in the US.  Further product innovation includes the development of the first currency-backed ETPs in the US, in partnership with Rydex SGI.  To date, there are nine currency-backed ETPs traded under the CurrencyShares platform and an additional currency ETP in registration.

Additionally, Precidian Investments is engaged in bringing to market the first non-transparent, actively managed ETFs utilizing proprietary patented technology in an effort to provide all investors with the most beneficial aspects of actively-managed mutual funds and ETFs in a single investment vehicle.

Precidian Investments, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Precidian Funds LLC, has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchanges Commission to bring to market the first ETF based upon the Nikkei 225 Stock Index.

For more information, please visit Precidian Investments’ website at or contact us at 908.781.0560.


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